Youssef Zeydan, Sayed Zeydan, El Hag Abdel Hamid ... to our Bedouin Camp and new Hotel El Dohous Village!

You will feel them as your homes if you visit us here in El Dohous, a little bedouin village in the oasis El Dakhla. It is the heart of the Western Desert of Egypt, so close to the Great Sandsea and the White Desert.

We, the Dakhla Bedouins, love to show you our bedouin tradition and let you be part of bedouin life.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the oasis in our hotels and outside in the desert. We are experienced in safari trips on our own camels and jeeps and the Zeydan Family will try to make your dreams come true.

See you soon in Dakhla,
your El Hag Abdel Hamid, Youssef and Sayed Zeydan, the owners.