We chose the place for our hotel because it is located on a little hill with a nice view of all the oasis life. Every morning you will wake up with the sun rising behind the mountains and go to sleep with the sun setting in the sanddunes.

Our hotel is located between our daily live. The village is in front, our fields are in the back and the camels and the hot spring beside the hotel. We opened this new place in 2005. Compared to our old camp it offers more comfort and more facilities but the same bedouin hospitality.


We have three big houses with eight rooms in each a roof garden and terrace. They are built in our own style related to our bedouin roots. We used mostly natural materials to fit in the landscape. Each room has an own bathroom, hot water, mosquito net and fan.

We have also 12 shalets with high round roofs in islamic style. They give more air in the summer and are built like a cave in the hill.

Food and Beverage

We built the restaurant on the top of the hill with a roof garden. So you can enjoy your meal wherever you want, out- or inside, while watching the sunset and workers in the fields. We are prepared to serve for vegetarians, whenever needed. We buy our fruits and vegetables every day fresh from the market in nearby Mut.

Beside the restaurant you will find our coffee shop that looks like a bedouin tent with an open fire place. It offers more warmth in winter and protection against the wind. We serve you there the famous bedouin tea cooked in the open fire and the shisa waterpipe you should once try.

Facilities and More

To make our guest feel comfortable after a long trip through the desert we offer the complete service like a laundry and a hairdresser for men.

And if you like to buy some gifts for your friends you can choose some bedouin handicraft in our Bazaar.

The best of all is our natural massage, done by our hot spring in front of our hotel!


We have a big and clean camping area for individuals on tour with a car. There is an own camping hamam, a bathroom with hot shower, and electricity for your car.

You will enjoy the quiet atmosphere and nice view, and the hot spring two minutes far away.

Meeting Room

We are always thinking about our guests to make them feel home. So we built the Dayf Allah (means guest from god) meeting room to sit together like a big family in bedouin style. You can use it for many different purposes like meditations, to teach belly dance, or studying together. It offers space for 30 people.


Places to Rest

Because we want our guests to relax and enjoy the view of the panorama, we built many different places for you.

In the afternoon you can sit in our roof restaurant and enjoy the sundown in the sanddunes. During the day it is nice to sit in the different garden places to relax and listen to the birds.

In the evening we use to sit around our open fire place and make music. We love to teach you our dances and have fun with you.