The camel is the only animal that is able to go deeper in the desert. And god made this animal especially for the desert. This is the reason, why the feet of the camel are so big and he never gets stuck in the sand.

In the sandstorms they still can walk with open eyes where the camel man guides him. It can climb to higher places and between sharp stones. And with the camel you will be so close to simple life in the desert.

We have 36 camels to rent and lots of camel babys joining the group.

Camel School

You will need the camel school when you want to go deeper to the desert and for long trips. You will learn how you handle the animal and how you make it close to you and like a friend in the desert. So you will learn how you rope and put the stuff on the camel and control the camel. You learn the language between you and the camel so that he is listening to you and you will be listening to him.

Rent a Camel

In our place we have camels you can rent for short trips like an hour up to three hours to go with our guides around the area, to the mountains, the sanddunes or to take a bath in the magic spring. Or you can rent a camel for one day or up to several weeks to go deeper in the desert alone or with a guide. If you want to go alone you have to pass first the camel school.

So whatever is in your mind to do we can organize and help you planning your trips with our 36 camels. We have the complete equipment for camel trips.

Camel Caravans

The camel caravan is for the people who are ready to go deeper inside the desert to feel how the ancient people travelled 1000 km in the desert. You will be closer to the simple life and you will learn how these people live longer in the desert, find the tracks and climb the mountains.

You will get the feeling of a real camel caravan. You will learn a lot about the desert and how to survive. You will learn how to get fresh bread and food. And you will learn how to cook your food when it is windy in the desert.

So there is a lot you will discover by yourself and how the animal is so close to you. And if I say more you will never feel it, only if you do it by yourself.

Possible caravan routes:
From Dakhla  to Farafra 8 days
to Bahariya 13 days
to Siwa 1 month
to Kharga 10 days
to Um Dabadib and Aijn Amour  15 days
to Abu Balazs, Great Sandsea  1 month