We learn from our life in the desert with the animal why he eats gras with different tastes.

We understand he eats this or that to heal himself from his diseases.

Like him we choosed the grasses to heal ourselves.

Hot Sandbath

We put ourselves in the sand when we feel pain in our bones or the whole body, to let the sand lick the pain and bad fluids out of the body. We saw how the camel made a hole in the sand and so we do the same.

We offer this also to our guests to heal them from rheumatism and other pains.

Hot Spring

God gave us so many things from the nature, he gave us also the hot water coming deep from the earth. As we have the hot sand in the summer, we have the hot springs in winter to heal our bodies.

The natural minerals such like iron and sulphur take the bad fluid out and make the skin soft and healthy.

In our oasis we have lots of hot springs with different temperatures. Our hotel is so close to one of these hot springs with 42 degree.

Camel Milk

The bedouins take this animal like a friend and we learned from him how to cure ourselves. All the herbs he eats come also to the milk of the mother camel. So we started to drink the milk of the camel as well. We felt healthy and strong and found out that it helps for a lot of other diseases like Hepatitis C, stomach pain, sexual disability, digestion and immunresistancy.

Natural Medicine

All our breads are made without yeast and this bread cures stomachpain. Deshisha is a special wheat you cook and eat with soup that helps the stomach. Take and cook Guava tree leaves if you have a cold. Half il bar are herbs from the desert cleaning the kidneys. Drink as a tea. Handal is a kind of fruit from the desert we put for some time under your heel. It helps against rheumatism.